MexMo: Sure. That'll work, too.

4/30/2009 01:23:00 PM
Yesterday when C. and I went to the grocery store we were pleased to see that the workers were wearing those respiratory masks to prevent the spread of the pig flu...

...around their NECKS.

(I hear they work better when they're covering your nose and mouth. It could be a rumor, though.)


  1. LOL. I have to admit, I wore a mask through the Mexico City airport on Sunday. On my nose and mouth, though.

    I haven't turned into a swine yet, but I did get kind of sick. I've been meaning to ask if you drink the water? Or do you stick to bottled? And what about brushing your teeth? I did my best to avoid it...

  2. those crazies at the grocery store! here's to hoping you don't have to go to the store TOO many more times while this flu is acting up. ;-)

  3. Bridget - in all honesty, I think the water-issues are more on mainland MX. Here, I've never (knock on wood) been sick from the water.

    And, I do brush my teeth from the tap. Ah, Mexico.

    Trophy Life.. :) I'm smiling.

  4. logic at its finest. Well if it is on my person then I am protected and, ergo, I will not catch swine flu. Seems reasonable to me ;)


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