Little bit-o-technology history for you.

4/04/2009 10:25:00 AM
Apple's First computer, the Apple I.
On sale in July 1976.
The cost? $666.66.

And an ad for the first personal mac.
I was 5.

(I absolutely remember playing on this computer.)

Cool Apple retrospective (in pictures) here.
Yes, I do know that I'm a dork.

Love this. From this 1985 NY Times article.
Mr. [Steve] Jobs (co-founder of the company) has been the most prominent salesman of the personal computer revolution, preaching that the new technology would change everyone's lives. And just as Mr. Jobs is falling, the revolution he foretold is stalling: Consumers and businesses are slowing their purchases of computers and questioning how much they really need the machines. (ha!)

Mr. Jobs's resignation, which followed a long corporate power struggle, also exemplifies a situation common to the entrepreneur: an inability to adjust as the company grows larger and the nature of the business changes.


  1. that is really nest- I sent it to Angie's husband- he's a big Mac/Apple person! Thanks Ky!

  2. oops! I meant NEAT not nest but that is an intersting screw up! :)


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