Ferg Friday: Jet setter

4/24/2009 08:00:00 AM
Here's the Ferginator yesterday in the Dallas airport.
Let's just say - she's a FANTASTIC traveler and we've decided to keep her.


  1. i enjoy her teethy, sideways grin. it's great.

  2. All that traveling and not a hair out of place. And a smile on her face.


  3. So, because I've never had a dog that travels - okay, I've never had a dog period - where does Ferg get to ride on the airplane?

  4. (Dri - the Ferginator sits in a little plaid carrying-case under the seat in front of either Craig or I. You can take a pet on the plane in the cabin with you if it's under 20 or so pounds. Fergie weighs 8.5. She's pretty used to it by now. She's a pro.)


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