It's time. I'd like to "bump a pony."

4/02/2009 06:00:00 AM

A while back I saw the bump it commercial. I was intrigued. I can apparently make my hair go from, "flat to fabulous" all with this little gizmo. ("Flat hair is so last year.")

(If you know not of what I'm referring to, go to their website here.)

Then a few weeks back, my sister emailed me. Chloe told her that she wanted one.

That's it.

Friends -I need the bump it.
For only $19.99 I can get FIVE bump-its to share with my 9.5-year-old niece.


We like big hair.


  1. Did you see this on Ellen? SO FUNNY!!! Jenna Fischer, from The Office, tried them out. Search for it on YouTube....

  2. Buy them b/c I really want to see what they are like. Problem w/ me is, I feel like you'd see it in my hair b/c its not as thick.... hmmm....

  3. OH MY GOSH I WANT ONE SO BAD!!!! I've been going crazy trying to remember what it's called!!!!!!!!

  4. You better read the disclaimer for Chloe.

  5. This thing looks cool for you peeps with straight hair. I would have to cut that bear trap outta my mop.

  6. Crap, I didn't think of that, Iris...

    Linds: does the disclaimer involve turning her into a pageant child?

  7. I loved the commercial and I love how this thing comes in different bump heights! Awesome.

  8. I was going to blog about this as well...ya beat me to it. Let us know how this works!

  9. AthenaBee: yeah, that cracked me up, is it going to kill the scalp on a kid under 12 or what?


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