HOUSE: Anyone else floored about Kutner?

4/07/2009 07:04:00 PM
I love House.
The show floored me.
Check out this article here. It tells why Kutner left the show. (Hint: He's clearly an Obama fan.)


  1. i wasn't shocked...but then again, i haven't been watching this season (what's up with that? i haven't been watching a lot of TV this bores me).

    plus, Entertainment Weekly had reported weeks ago that a character on a popular show was going to commit suicide. i had figured it would be on House...just not that guy (i was thinking Wilson).

    way cool job he took though....

  2. Terry & I haven't been watching this season. I think something else we watched was on the same time and we just stopped watching. I was surprised when I heard what happened but what a cool opportuinity for him. It sounds like it is something he has wanted to do!

  3. I can't believe that Taj from Van Wilder is working for Obama! Go Kutner!


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