Twitter update.
Subhead: Martha Vs Oprah? MARTHA.

3/08/2009 05:23:00 PM
I'm now following Martha on twitter. See here.

I'll say it again: I love her.

Last Friday's show? An interview with Q-Tip, how to make a Q-tip holder and how to care for your orchids.
She's a one-stop-entertainment-learning-extravaganza-shop.

And, I have a no reason as to why I don't really care for Oprah.

On Friday, she's does her whole, "Oprah Friday Live" when she "talks" with Gayle King (who incessantly interrupts), Mark Consuelos (who I still don't understand why he's there) and Ali Wentworth (who ANNOYS me to no end.)

During these Friday shows it is so unbelievably clear that Oprah is NOT "one of the people" anymore. She talks about her fancy friends, her screening room (and how she doesn't have to go to movies when she's friends with the filmmakers and they can just bring their movies to her home), blah, blah, blah... She's such a name dropper. She kills me.

Oprah ACTS like she's one of us, when we KNOW she's really not.

Now, my Martha?

Martha has NEVER acted like she's one of us.

I guess I can respect that more.


  1. Do you love that she follows P. Diddy?

  2. Nadja: YES. I love that.

    Those two are friends.

    I love that Martha had a FULL conversation with Q-tip about rap last Friday. LOVED it.

  3. While I am not fully a Martha or an Oprah fan (gasp, I know...), I do appreciate people who say who they are and walk in it. (as in Martha never saying she's "one of us") So I give that to her for sure!

    (and I really want to like Martha... she seems so knowledgeable on all that I am not.... but I just can't...)

  4. She's the Marhta, I'm the rapper? She is hilarious.

  5. Oprah has made my list. The one I told you about? (Top Celebrities I Despise.)


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