So how do YOU use twitter?

3/22/2009 10:00:00 AM

I do enjoy twitter, however I find that I'm not utilizing it to what I assume is its' full mobile-capacity.

Meaning = getting on my computer to send a quick random thought isn't going to happen.

Getting on my computer to read someone else's quick random thought isn't going to happen.

Is there a mobile option? Aside from text messaging?

Please let me know how you use twitter. (Do you log in to the homepage and check randomly throughout the day? Tell me.)


  1. I LOVE Tweetdeck.

    But if you wish to tweet on the fly I'd do Twitterberry.

    Read what this guy said:

  2. I use Twhirl at work (shhh!) but I have yet to install anything on my Blackberry. I love Twhirl, it pops up updates automatically. And I will say I started using Twitter more (and got more out of it) once I started used Twhirl. I'm hesitant to install something on my Blackberry because I think I'd be on it!

  3. Aw heck, I just installed Twitterberry. So far, its okay. It beats going to my web browser for updates.

  4. I just loaded Twigdet for Mac Book on my dashboard. I've been doing it there when I'm at home on my computer. At work, I have it logged in so I can update it at any time. I also text from my phone when I have something I want to share.

    I'm sure there are better ways to do it but I haven't found them or spent time to figure them out yet...

  5. I have NO idea what any of these apps are!!! I need a twitter tutorial. I just login in to the basic and read everyone elses updates. I tend to update occasionally, but enjoy reading what everyone else says!

  6. TwitterBerry is the big one for the BB.
    There is also Tiny Twitter, not bad but I like TwitterBerry better.
    I just downloaded YATCA, Yet Another Twitter Client App. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but it might be cool so I thought I would try it.

  7. Yep...I use Twitterberry. LOVE it because it is so much easier than getting on the computer. Now I really understand the term "CrackBerry".
    I also have Tweetdeck.


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