Produce Report:
Yep. Still an eggplant.

As it turns out, I may either be in the third trimester this week or next or the next. There appears to be some confusion as to when the twighlight zone third trimester begins. (Every book/website says something different.) And, unwilling to be labeled I shall plow forward gracefully (yeah right, "gracefully") into these next weeks of pregnancy no matter what the trimester.

So, what's the eggplant doing the week?

She's weighing in (apparently) at over 2 lbs. and all of her internal organs are continuing to mature. Most exciting though is that usually around 27/28 weeks the eyelids will open. I can't wait to see those peepers.

Ok, the Q & A:

Q. How are you feeling?
A. Stupendous. Seriously, pretty good. I am noticing that sometimes either after I'm done working out or while I'm working out my stomach tightens a bit. Are these braxton hicks? I'm not sure. I've never been pregnant before. Are they painful? No. Do they scare me? Not so much.

Q. Let's talk about birthing the eggplant.
A. While I'd prefer that she's remain the size of an eggplant for the duration of our sharing a body and I while I am keenly aware of medications I can take that sometimes caution against low birth weights - I'm thinking it's not going to happen. She will continue to grow and I will not do anything to lower her at-birth size.

That said, I've reached a turning point.

No kidding.

I'm ok with giving birth. (gasp!) As in, I understand what needs to happen and I'm ok with it. I understand how her body will leave my body (naturally or via c-section) and I'm ok with either exit plans. I carry no expectations except that she will be healthy and that God has Lila and I in the palm of His very capable hands.

Q. Do you have ANY fears?
A. I could lie and say, "Absolutely not." But as I said, that would be a lie. As I told my sister this week, I have two fears: the first is hemorrhaging.

I know it just doesn't happen in this day and age, but fears aren't based on reality now are they? I shall put that fear in a box in my brain and put a lid on it.

The second fear is the actual epidural being inserted into my spine. I shall just end there. (Yes, this from the person who during her lifetime has pierced their belly button, nose and tongue.)

Q. What if Lila looks um... a little cute when she's born?
A. I'm coming to terms with this, too. Bottom line? I was bald until I was like 18 mos. old. And I had stick-out ears. (Better to hear you with, my dear.)

I expect that Lila will be my adorable little spider monkey and I welcome it.

I know she'll be RIDICULOUSLY perfect to me. I just hope she doesn't have a cone head. If she does, I'm preparing myself and am currently crocheting this hat for her. (I'm serious.)

Q. Any weird body changes you'd like to discuss?
A. Well since you asked... yep. Did you know that your RIBS actually spread (just like your hips do) when you're pregnant? It's crazy. I can actually feel how far they've moved.

Q. How much weight have you gained?
A. First off, I'll be honest - the gaining-o-the-weight hasn't been easy. I shall clarify, GAINING the weight is a CINCH, wrapping my brain around it isn't. I can't hide behind sweatshirts and jeans and winter coats, it's 85 degrees here during the day. And, I don't ever want to give into the, "You're eating for two" excuse. I've heard from FAR too many first-time-Moms who regret that. So, so far I've gained 17 lbs.

My cousin made a valid point this week. It's really hard to watch the scale continue to creep up when you continue to work out and be "healthy." However, at some point, as a woman carrying a BABY it's vital that I say, "I'm growing a healthy baby!" I'm not just gaining weight for the fun of it.

I'm wrapping my brain around that and going from there. I'm terrified of excess and my propensity towards it. (I just ate two bowls of multigrain cheerios for lunch...) but I shall continue to chant, "I'm growing a HEALTHY BABY.")

Ah well.

Moving on.

So, I'm looking for a cool girly first-year baby book. Any website suggestions? This is one of those things I cannot WAIT to buy for my daughter. (Ha! I just WROTE, "daughter!" Me? A mom? Right. My Mom's a mom.)

To finish, here's me this past week with my BFF Fergie Lupita. (Now THAT is one cute dog, no?)

And here's me on Saturday. (Yep, the boys XL wife beaters are getting somewhat short.) My stomach is OUT there. There's no questioning the pregnancy at this point. 

And there's Lila. (That's my Old Navy non-pregnancy skirt purchase. Thank GOODNESS for elastic.) That's also my new fern in the background. It is very happy under my tree. That makes me happy. (It appears that I'm smuggling a basketball... better than grapes, I suppose.)

And, here's a painting I finished for Lila's room this past week. We's just paintin' fools in this casa.

Two Pretzels out.


  1. You're still looking great! Love the painting too! Can't wait to see how everything comes together!

    If I were you, I'd be calling t.w.i.t. for birting advise. She seems to have the right idea and plan down! Seriously, we should all be jealous!

  2. Do I even need to repeat yet one more time how totally adorable you are pregnant?!?! I'm lovin the dress too. Awesome.

    Also..... at the point of the epidural, you could care less what happens to you, as long as they will lessen the pain. The epidural goes so fast. Don't worry about it.

  3. Yeah, I totally don't even remember feeling the epidural.... and that's what I was the most afraid of.

  4. You look so awesome, K!!! Seriously! I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that I'll look remotely like you when I reach that point:)(I definitely have issues with the whole weight gain too and try to calm myself down sometimes when I realize I'm paying just a little too much attention to it.)

  5. The gnome hat - hooray! :)

  6. LOVED the cone hat, so cute. You do look fantastic and I am so glad to hear you are feeling fantastic as well. Your weight gain is ALL in the belly.

  7. Love that flowery dress! And the necklace.

    That's definitely a piece you should put in the maternity "share with friends" clothes pile.

  8. I am an avid scrapbooker and I came across this cute DIY baby book. I wish I had this when I had Aubrey and plan on getting it for my second. Everything is reversible for a boy or girl.

    Here is the site:

    There is also a couple of videos about the kit. Scroll down to the Sept 24th entry.

    It's VERY cute!

  9. I don't think the links are showing on my last post.

  10. First off, you are stinkin' cute! And keep wearing those cute tight's the only time you can flaunt a big fat belly. :)
    Like another said, you won't even think about that big 'ol needle getting stuck in your back...b/c you won't be feeling anything but the contractions. For me the dr. was asking if I felt it so she could get it in the right place...I couldn't even feel her pressing on my back.
    And those probably are braxton hicks. I never had them but that's the way they've been described to me.
    You are doing great, Ky. Can't wait to see you.


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