Produce Report:
She's still a papaya

3/02/2009 07:00:00 AM
Hello friends, it's week 23 and according to What to Expect I'm in my 6th month. Onward to the update.

Sweet little Lila is is STILL a papaya. Apparently she weighs over a pound and has a fully-functioning pancreas. (Whew.) We'll get to see her again on Thursday when we go in for our next appointment - so expect more pictures in the next update! I believe she looks a lot like the image below. (Which I think is terribly cute. Doesn't it look like the little muffin below just told a funny joke and is laughing at it? Love that.)

Q. So are you craving anything?
A. This past week I needed chipotle. And if you recall, while I do live in Mexico there is no Chipotle on any corner. (One can argue that there are Mexican eateries everywhere so that should be just as good. But, if one did argue that, one would be wrong. Nothing tastes like chipotle but chipotle.)

So, we had chipotle night this past week complete with time-consuming accoutrements: homemade salsa, guacamole, black beans and rice with cilantro, and all of the other necessities. It was amazing. All of you who live within 5 miles of a chipotle, now is the time to Thank God.
Q. So, how is the weight gain?
A. Eh, it is what it is. This week I believe that I was introduced to a new and fun side-effect of pregnancy. It's called: water retention. Ironically, the water retention coincided with the winter/spring weather change here in Cabo. It's now about 85 or 90 during the day. 'Tis going to be a long, warm, bloated, cankle-y last few months.

The best part about water retention? When I take my pants and shoes off, it looks like I'm still wearing my pants and my shoes.


Q. Any exciting milestones this past week?
A. Funny you should ask! On Monday I actually got to see my stomach move. Lila was dancing around while I was lying on my belly and she was moving my body. So cool. So weird, yet so cool. I wonder if she just runs and runs and runs in there. Like a hamster in one of those little plastic balls.
Q.'s the registering going?
A. Um. Still slow. (Meaning: I'm not done. Nor have I touched it since last week.) However, my sister-in-law Nadja sent me a pretty great email this week regarding the babies r us registry website. The subject line was, "Just in case you're not totally sold on "Lila"... then she listed all of the names of all of the other people who share my last name and have registries on babies r us. They're awesome:


I told her my favorite possible name was Mignon. As in Filet.

Q. What is your overall feeling of being a pregnant woman?
A. I'm noticing that the world smiles at pregnant women. Is it because they look puffy, bloated and uncomfortable? Maybe. No matter what, I appreciate the friendliness. I also believe that people lie to pregnant women. "You look great!" Really? Because that's not what my mirror says. (Re-read the water retention comment above.)

Q. How's the "clothes" situation?
A. In all honesty, it's ok. I take it one-day-at-a-time. Literally every morning I look in my closet and attempt to find shirts that don't look like tents or conversely, appear pornographic. Then I pick out a pair of pants and do the rubber-band-thing so that I can actually close them. One can either look at it as a mere momentary challenge, or one can cry about it. You can guess which one I am.

That's all.

Ok, here's a fun little visual of how my abdomen has grown in the past 23 weeks. We took the last photo yesterday morning. (Did you notice I haven't told you how much weight I've gained thus far? Yup. I'm skipping that this week.)

You can click to make it larger.
Until next week...


  1. you crack me up! I found out at 20 wks we were having I was rather large and remember too well the "cankle" period! unfortunately, it lasted the remainder of the pregnancy for me...I hope you won't have to endure that kind of misery. My cravings were Taco Bell tacos...and lucky for me I drove by on my way to work everyday...and I wondered why I gained 12 lbs in 2 weeks!! By the way-you do look beautiful!

  2. have you heard of those Bella Bands? I never used them, but I guess you wear them like an elastic band around the top of your pants. So you can wear your regular pants and they don't fall down when unbuttoned. Plus if your regular shirts are short, they look like you have a longer shirt underneath.

    People really do mean "you look so cute" because pregnant people do look cute, until it is yourself. Then you feel like the Goodyear Blimp man.

  3. HA, I love the hamster in a ball comparison...that is what I am envisioning!!

    It is also decided that I want to have a son, and his name is going to be Mignon Peppercorn Howard. Yep, done.

    How fun is the growth chart!

  4. another vote here for bella bands- I'm wearing one right now! Otherwise there is no way these officy-slacks would be on me. I got two on for a pretty good price and they come in all different colors.

  5. I think you might be shrinking. You look smaller in the last picture compared to the 2 or 3 before it. You are adorable, don't care what you say!

    I still remember the first night I noticed my ankles were swelling. Also, I remember the first time I looked at my tiny ankles after A was born. I had no idea how bad they had gotten.

  6. Hi there. Just another note about the Bella Bands. My niece, due in early August, is wearing them currently. Loves them. And, I concur: thought you actually looked smaller in your last pic than a couple of weeks prior!! Just for a laugh (and to make you feel REALLY good), I should send you a pic of me pregnant with my first. I gained a whopping 42 l-b's. ;)

  7. All I've got to say is... "65lbs"

    Mignon ain't got nothin on my gigantic honeybaked ham.

  8. I found that, during warm-weather pregnancy, wearing heeled shoes prevented me from getting cankles. Flip-flops and flats ALWAYS gave me cankles. I don't know the logic behind that, but it worked for me.


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