Produce Report:
She's an eggplant for the next 4 weeks!

(Craig just peeked at my computer screen and commented, "She's an eggplant this month?! THAT'S BIG!")

Indeed, dear husband... it ain't small.

This week little Lila is figuring out how to blink (which will benefit her in her outside-utero life hugely.) How fun.

Q. Whose uterus is allegedly the size of a soccer ball?
A. Me! Me! This floored me. A softball? Ok. Do-able. A soccer ball? WHAT?!

Q. So how far along ARE you?
A. I'm 25 weeks. This means that I have a mere 15 weeks until Lila's here. This also means that I haven't had a glass of wine since October and I probably won't be having a glass of wine until the end of June/beginning of July. So, is my glass half full or half empty? You decide.

Q. Which trimester are you in?
A. I'm still chillin' in the 2nd trimester and feeling good. I'm considered to be in my sixth month and I'm just 2 weeks away from being in the third and final trimester. (INSANE.)

Q. So, what happened this week?
A. My belly became VERY obvious. (See below.) I mean, really obvious. I'm pretty pleased to no longer be in the, "I-thought-you-were-getting-fat-but-I-didn't-want-to-say-anything" stage and am settling nicely into the, "...So-when-are-you-due" stage.

*NOTE: I literally had a co-worker say to me last week, "I had no idea you were pregnant. I just thought you were getting fat. You used to be skinny, but then I said to myself, 'Kylee is getting fat', I mean...really fat. Just fat."

I counted.

She said, "fat" four times.


Moving on.

Q. So how are you feeling?
A. I'm feeling pretty kosher still. (I converted last week.) My back is another story. I'm noticing that this eggplant is affecting my posture in weird ways. Usually by the end of the day I'm ready for a nice dessert and some quiet time with HP. ("HP" is my lovely-dovey nickname for my "Heating Pad.")

Q. How is Craig feeling?
A. Let me ask him.

Me: "Craig, how are you feeling at this point in the pregnancy?"

C: "I'm really excited. I think you're insanely cute."


I can only WISH and PRAY that all of you experience the blind (as a bat) support of a loving husband. Seriously, I hope Lila finds her C. one day.

Q. Did you finish registering!?
A. For the most part! I still have some stuff to add, but I'll get to it later. (Yep. I've been saying that for two months.)

Q. Do you have anything random to say?
A. Always.

So I was watching American Idol this past week and there are two contestants who have babies at home that they're "singing for." They're all, "I'm doing this so (fill-in-the-blank) has a better life even though it's SOOO hard to be away from (fill-in-the-blank)."

It occurred to me that Lila is probably never going to have to worry about me being away from her as I compete in a SINGING contest.

As if.

Q. So, have done any more shopping lately?
A. Yes. I recently bought the following.

Yep. Gap maternity (no panel) SALE jeans. ($34.99). Buy here. I will not be wearing the grey sweater or boots with them.
I also bought a non-maternity old navy dress and skirt. Cute. Fit. Happy.

Ah! I finished my baby blanket Friday night. I'm pretty content with how it turned out. I started the green squares LONG before I was pregnant in the hopes that one day I'd make a baby blanket for myself. Then, as soon as I got pregnant, I started on the white squares. Then, after I found out it was a girl - on to the pink and grey squares. At the last minute I threw in the blue. Just thought they were fun.

(That was far too long of an explanation. Sorry.)

The finished blanket.
(My favorite part is the ruffled trim.)

A close-up.

The Ferginator. Trying it out, of course.

And FINALLY, I MUST share with you the sweetest little gift ever. It's from our cousin M. in Toledo. (LOVE YOU, MICK! Miss you, too.) How cute is this?

And yes, those are Ferg's paws on it.
She absolutely must touch EVERYTHING that belongs to La, La, La Lila.

Out until next week.


  1. a few thoughts:

    co-worker who used the word "fat" 4 times...uh, really? i can't imagine EVER saying that to someone. out loud.

    very cute baby blanket!!!!

    and i might look adorable. :)

  2. You look amazing! Lovin' the baby bump!

  3. I absolutely love that baby blanket!

    And I enjoy how the Ferg is now a paw-model. I think you may have a business idea here.

  4. Oh the fat comment. I'm not looking forward to that... how awful that she repeated that thought back to you so harsh like...

    The blanket is just beautiful! You did a great job. When I am expecting I'll call on you for some pointers on how to creat this masterpiece.

    Side Note: If you want to add me to the blog tree, I would love to be added! I'm T.W.I.T.'s neighbor. If you need more info, let me know!

  5. This is the cutest picture of you pregnant yet.

    News flash: When someone is getting "fat" only in the belly area and no where else (as I can see from your picture), typically that means they have a baby in there. People are sooooo clueless.

  6. I agree. This post is chock full of cuteness!

  7. Oh my gosh!!!! You look amazing! How awesome! Clueless co-worker- DUH! That blanket is precious- Ferg just may steal it! I wonder if Ferg could sense/smell Louis in the clothes for Lila? Maybe Ferg thinks she is getting a puppy-baby for a sister? I just want to snuggle her! Hope you are hanging in there! Mick

  8. Louis was in the clothes????? :)

  9. Seriously Kylee, you are adorable!!

    That blanket is fantastic, very nice job and that onsie is very cute!!

  10. Oh my couldn't look any more adorable. (I have a friend who is about a week behind you, with a girl as well, and she just all of a sudden popped out too! So fun!)

    Co-worker = ridiculous.
    Blanket = Amazing! Cute!

    And I bet Ferg is going to be a fantastic and very protective big sis!

  11. You just keep getting cuter each week! That blanket is adorable - awesome crocheting! What are the colors in the Lila's room?

  12. You look absolutely adorable! You make a very cute pregnant mama. (You will be so glad you have these pictures of yourself from throughout your pregnancy.)

    The blanket is gorgeous. I'm sure Lila will cherish it forever.

  13. Your latest picture is TOO CUTE! Can't wait to see you in person!


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