Produce Report:
The second week-o-the-eggplant

I'm 26 weeks today! I have just one more week and then I enter the (!!!) third trimester. (Read that like, "...the twilight zone". Do-do-do-do. Do-do-do-do.)

I'd like to point out that I have less than 100 days (98) until Lila's supposed to be here. What weirds me out is that it could be less than 98 days. Like say, 80. I don't want to be cheated those 18 days. I need prep time.

So what's going on with Lila this week? Her veins are becoming more visible under her skin and she can hear a lot more of what's going on and may jump when she hears something that surprises her.

Like, "Craig, what do you want for dinner? I'm happy to cook!"

Let's dig in, shall we?

Q. How did this week go?
A. Pretty well. We had family from Saturday to Saturday and therefore were social every night (and sometimes day!) this week. I thought I'd be uber-tired, but Lila and I did well. We had fun. Plus, there was food there - so that's always a good thing.

Q. What did you do with the guests?
A. Ate. And, we hung out at the all-inclusive with them for about 3 days. Yes. I still wore my two-piece. Yes, people looked at me like, "Really? Is she pregnant? She's got to be. Oh, yeah...that's her second plate of food. She is."

Here's Lila and I. And C's hands.

Q. Any changes in Lila this week?
A. I believe my baby girl had the hiccups last night. It was cute. Again, odd that someone other than myself was physically moving my belly. But I swear, I love, love, love feeling her move.

And, it's fun because now other people can touch my belly (you know, random strangers, whom I welcome...) to feel her dancing around.

Q. Any breakdowns this week?
A. Funny that you ask.

Let's talk cribs.

About 2 months ago, I found a crib that I wanted. One that was highly rated on and on the company's website. One that was not hugely obtrusive, but old fashioned and cute and solid and sturdy.

Then, it became unavailable online on Friday.

I cried.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I emailed people for support. (Because it's the technology age.) My cousin called the Land of Nod by her house in Chicago. Gone. No more. Never going to be again.

(It took me two months to settle on this crib, I mentioned that - right?)

Then... another friend from Chicago (Thank you H.!) told me that the EXACT same crib from the Land of Nod (which she owns) was made by a more affordable company for The Land of Nod. She learned in some baby bargains book it's the EXACT same crib. As in the EXACT same.

SO, all is well. My tears have dried.

Here's the crib. It's old-fashioned and not enormous. (Which I like.) Just a simple Jenny Lind. (The casters on the crib legs will be removed. They're ugly.)
Q. What does the bedding look like?
A. Here it is. I liked the dresses. I think we're going to do pink walls. I wanted yellow, but I'm not sure. We shall see.

C. and I are in agreement that Lila will be smothered in pastels until she's old enough to tell us she hates them.

And now for the sweetest gift ever.

Lila's Daddy made it for her room.
It's a heart for each of us.
Um. Love him.

Ok! That's all.
I shall write more when I've entered the third trimester... (Do-do-do-do. Do-do-do-do.)


  1. This was a good update! I am glad Heidi helped you in your crib crisis. LOVE the new painting.

  2. Less then 100 days, that is crazy!

    I really love the bedding!! It is way cute. And I am happy to hear the crib worked out. And what a GREAT painting, just lovely!

  3. Ever since a high school cruise, seeing some lady selling necklaces on the Caribbean beach, in her way cute bikini, I've decided that I couldn't wait to be pregnant and sport a bikini.

    THEN I got pregnant. I just couldn't do it.

    That said, I LOVE you in your cute bikini. Awesome. Way to go for being bold and embracing your cuteness. :)

  4. What a lovely painting! Very, VERY cute.

  5. Seriously, isn't C.'s painting FANTASTIC?

    Q.O. - the world doesn't get a choice regarding seeing me in a two-piece. If I'm going to gain 25-odd pounds, I'm at least going to be tan.

  6. love Daddy C's painting!! i am so glad you got the crib figured out and i quite enjoyed the pregnant/bikini pic. if you've got it, flaunt it...IMHO.

  7. It's hard to hate you for being able to wear a two-piece and look fabulous, but, I hate you, just a wee bit, in a friendly way, know what I'm saying? ;)

    LOVE the baby bedding! Love it.

  8. OH MY GOODNESS- I AM IN LOVE WITH CRAIG'S PAINTING!!! It is so him and so warm! WOW! The crib situation- the crying part- I completely understand and state for the record, also very normal!!!! Love you!

  9. Thanks for being one of those ladies that still rocks the bikini. I mentioned to someone the other day that I was NOT going to buy a maternity swim suit and they looked at me like I had four heads.

  10. As always, you look great and I strive to look like you when I'm pregnant! Wow!

    I'm in love with that crib! I love how simple and traditional it is! Very nice!

    I also love the bedding and I'm sure that Lila will too! Great pick!

  11. The bedding is going to be so cute and girly. We went with a pink room and at first it looked like pepto bismal but now I have grown to like it. I am afraid since I have bombarded her with pink she very well might go through a gothic phase at 13....complete with black nail polish....oh no.

  12. The bedding in darling! SO different. You look better in a bikini preggers than most non-preggers. Too cute you are...Baby pretzel (love that) will cherish that painting!


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