Produce Report:
It's the LAST week for the papaya

3/09/2009 07:00:00 AM

I'm 24 weeks!

(Holy wow.)

Lila Ross is growing, growing, growing. Care to know my favorite thing I learned about her growth at this stage in the game? She's developing those little lines/creases in her palms this week.

Um. Cute.

Let's dig in.

Q. How are you feeling?
A. Stupendous. I'm starting to notice that when I wash dishes, or reach down to get laundry out of the washer I kind of need to reposition my torso so my belly doesn't bump against it. What does this also mean? Enter slight lower-back aches. VERY slight. (I'm not complaining.)

Q. How was your Dr.'s appointment this past week?
A. GREAT! EVERYTHING is going really well and Lila is measuring right on target.

Q. About how big is Lila right now?
A. The Dr. estimated that she weighs about 1 lb. and 9 oz. and is about 12 inches long. Yes. You read that correctly. (I don't understand how I've gained 13-15 lbs and she only weighs 1 lb. 9 oz. I was kind of hoping she already weighed 8 lbs. Kidding.)

Q. What else did the Dr. say?
A. He's banking that our baby girl is going to look a lot like her Daddy. (Same jawline, chin, etc.) Meanwhile I still feel like Rachel on Friends when we go to ultrasounds:

Rachel: "I can see it!"
Ross: "Can you really?"
Rachel: "No."
Ross, "Ok, here the head...the heart... can you see it?!"
Rachel: "Oh! yeah!"
Ross: "You still can't see it, can you?"
Rachel: "No."

Q. What was your favorite part about the ultrasound that you could understand?
A. ALWAYS - the heartbeat. (I breathe a sigh of relief each time I hear it.) And, her cheeks. Her face is getting plumper. AND...her belly is still bigger than her head. LOVE that. (Ok, I have a LOT of favorite parts about the ultrasounds...)

Q. Clearly, you're not wearing all of your pre-pregnancy do you feel about that?
A. I decided to get a 3-million gallon rubbermaid container and I put ALL of my ill-fitting jeans, shirts - you name it - AWAY. I am SO relieved I've done this. It makes getting ready in the morning a.) easier and b.) doesn't make me feel like fatty-fatty-two-by-four anymore.

Q. So, what are people starting to say to you about how you look?
A. "Wow. You really look pregnant today." (As opposed to yesterday? And does that mean that my face also looks, "pregnant?") "Yep. I can really tell you're pregnant now." (That translates to: you're starting to retain water and I can see it.)

A. So, what do you think about gliders?
B. They're ugly. Do I want to pay $700 for a "cool" one? No. Ugh. Blech. Gross.
Ok - here's me this week. Weight gain at this point? 13-15 lbs. Well within the "normal" range, I suppose. (The wife-beaters are getting a short...)


  1. Love it. You're looking so good. Good for you for not complaining. My ob's nurse always said that I was her favorite because she never heard me complain one single time... I was the talk of the office because of it. Huge, on bed rest, and had preeclampsia, but happy nonetheless.

  2. i've had both a glider and a comfy rocking chair (like a pottery barn type) and i'll tell you that the glider is marvelous!!

  3. I'm telling you... an ugly expensive glider is a godsend. At 3am, you will be loving that ugly glider that rocks the screaming baby to sleep.... one that you can throw your head back on and lift your feet up on, in the midst of screams..... you'll thank me later!!!!!

    (I still used mine every night after 5 years.... just rocked my sick 2 year old last night...)

  4. it is pretty cute that she will now have creases in her palms!
    hilarious about the Rachel/Ross recap.
    this is the FIRST of the belly pictures that i actually think you look pregnant and not like you stopped at Olive Garden for the never ending bowl of pasta.

  5. i have to agree w/ Quiet Oasis on the glider/ottoman 'issue'. you will LOVE having one (if you decide to buy one). make sure the armrests are padded though. they are a godsend. :)

  6. Hi all.
    Yes, I'm going to get a glider.
    Yes, I think they're really ugly.

  7. Is a glider better than a rocking chair? I've always been fond of rocking chairs.

    Love the updates!

  8. what if you get the glider reupholstered? is it the fabric that you hate?

    Glad you are feeling stupendous friend :)

  9. I get such a kick out of your updates each week! :) You're so cute.

  10. Seriously, love these! I can't wait to hear what she will be next week, now that the month of the papaya is over!

  11. Sister! Wow you actually look pregnant now! You're bump didnt really look big the last few weeks, but now you look so cute! You look so healthy(not fat at all) and I really wish I could see you in person.
    Good idea about the "3 million gallon" storage container. I cant believe you found one that big :)


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