Not for the faint of heart
Chris Brown & Rihanna

3/05/2009 04:26:00 PM
Ok, kids. This one just hurts to read.

Violence against women is appalling. We have got to bring our children up to know that this is so not ok.


Now, the age old question... why (on earth) is she still with him?


  1. i just read the full article and had only seen pictures before. that is absolutely horrible. people who act in this way make me insane.

  2. This whole thing just makes me sick and reading this is just horrible. That was not a little slap on the face (which is STILL not exceptable) but this was I am going to beat the shit out of you and you don't just change that behavior or feelings of anger and aggression over night.

    It makes me sad and scared if she stays with him.

  3. This goes to show that even some of the beautiful, rich women who can "have anyone they want" still are insecure on the inside. Sad. Really sad.

  4. It is truly sad that her self-worth is so low.


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