My love for Bon Jovi is only second to
Lionel Richie.

3/03/2009 03:32:00 PM
(I realize this photo didn't need to be that large... But come on - how cool were they? :-)

It's not everyday that I get to write about not one, but two newsworthy Bon Jovi items.

(May the blog/record state that I feel that "Dead or Alive" is one of the best songs ever written.)

That said, did you have ANY IDEA that Jon Bon Jovi and fellow bandmate and buddy Tico Torres have their very own line of baby stuff? (Why wouldn't they?) It's called, "Rock Star Baby."

Lila could be riding in style in this little item. (See more here.) Who knew.
And secondly, it appears that Bon Jovi is going to be publishing a new never-bef0re-seen photo book with random items from their 25-years together. Care to know the title? It is, "Bon Jovi: When We Were Beautiful, a photobook/"insider portrait".

It'll be on stands in October.

Um, C. - I think you know what needs to be under the Christmas tree this year...

"I walk these streets, a loaded six string on my back. I play for keeps, 'cause I might not make it back. I been everywhere, and I'm standing tall..."


  1. I think this is SO cool. It just needs a pink skeleton.....Clo would LOVE THIS. Please register for it, I will do the honors for my bro, C.

  2. YIKES. 699.00. I'm giving you the cash instead. Just don't invest it, or buy bonds. Gold. Chris says to invest in gold....then you can send it to that guy on TV when you need cash.


  3. I looove Bon jovi!
    (ps, I can see this on the homepage of ur blog, but then I click on the link for just this post it wont work :-/ I dont know if it is just me....)

  4. Um, I seriously WANT that stroller for my non-existing child to be. WAY COOL!

  5. I'm sorry if anyone owns this.... but I don't understand why the skull and crossbones is on baby stuff? And what does the skull and crossbones really mean? To me, I feel like it symbolizes death.


  6. I think Bon Jovi pictures should always be huge.

  7. Quiet Oasis: To answer your question, the skull and crossbones mean BAD ASS. Or pirates on board. Or poisonous contents. All completely appropriate messages for a baby carriage.

    Also, I challenge anyone not to sing along to Dead or Alive. If you can resist singing Richie Sambora's background vocals, you have superhuman powers of resistance.


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