MexMo: I truly wonder

3/22/2009 02:22:00 PM
In all of my life, I have never been more continuously surprised/annoyed by the overall lack of concern for the physical presence of others' as when I moved to Los Cabos.

As a child I learned how to say, "Excuse me." To not walk directly in front of someone but instead, let them pass. To not reach across someone to retrieve something, but instead to politely ask for it or better yet - have patience and wait.

Most importantly, I would NEVER stand less than 12 inches behind someone in line at the grocery store. Standing TWO INCHES behind someone is NEVER acceptable.

Every now and then, living here drives me crazy.


"Excuse me."


1 comment:

  1. I hate it when someone invades my personal space. ESPECIALLY when banking. MOVE BACK!


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