It kind of weirds me out.

3/04/2009 07:00:00 AM
I was watching The View last week (forgive me) and Jane Fonda was telling the ladies about how she was recently, "twittering."

And "blogging."


I fear that twittering and blogging instantaneously became uncool.

Here's a list of others celebrities who are apparently twittering.


  1. I don't think this does anything to make blogging and twittering uncool.

    Just because the are blogging, etc. doesn't mean they can.

    Everyone is blogging. I just got an email today from a professional audiology organization asking me to become a regular blogger on their site. No thanks.

  2. My favorite celeb I follow? Questo of the Roots
    He tweets when he gets in trouble for tweeting when he's on the show with Jimmy Fallon. LOVE him.

  3. Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) from the Office is on Twitter and he's hilarious!


  5. I just added Seth MacFarlane and John Cleese!! I agree with Sarah, twittering isn't uncool...just some of the people WHO twitter are uncool...and yes Jane Fonda falls into those who are uncool.

  6. (Hi all. I think you're taking me too seriously. I really don't think twittering or blogging (obviously) is uncool. Just be facetious.)

  7. Remember when MC Hammer started following Nadja? That was awesome!

    I also like how the list includes porn stars...just under the politicians.

  8. @ iris took: i noticed that stars under the politicians (wow...that sounds bad as written, doesn't it?)

    you have to wonder...what do the porn stars twitter about? (gah...another poorly constructed sentence w/ double meaning).

    i'll stop now. apologies all around.

  9. If you want to know all of the celebrities on Twitter, just go to Nadja's page and click on "following." ;-)

    I follow Rainn Wilson. He's delightful.

    And, for the record, if I were to create a list of the Top Ten Celebrities I Despise (which sounds terrible, but might be strangely gratifying in a harmless "channel all of your negative energy" kind of way), Jane Fonda would probably be in the top 3.


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