3/10/2009 09:26:00 AM
I'm trying not to cross my legs as much so as to promote better circulation and no varicose veins.

Um. It's hard.

P.S. And yeah, those are totally my legs up there. In fact, that's what I'm wearing at work today.



  1. your legs are wayyy slimmer than that dear, even if I would believe that you would wear that to work, period, completely excusing your delicate condition! :)

  2. Is that your pull around brief case as well?!?!

  3. It is difficult not to cross your legs. Everytime I catch myself doing it, I frantically search for varicose veins, as if they'd show up immediately. (I know, I am ridiculous. I also thoroughly examine my belly for stretch marks every morning.)

  4. (Pretend I didn't make "every time" into one word on that last comment.)


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