3/03/2009 09:00:00 AM
Because I refuse to believe that I should be shopping in maternity sections...

Anywho - how CUTE is this skirt? Found here.

(I LOVE the shoes, too!)


  1. oh my gosh...when i was pregnant i couldn't wait to wear maternity clothes! i think it was because it made it all that much more 'real'! but then again, i'm weird like that.

    and there are some shops w/ cute/stylish maternity clothes, like old navy, gap, and mimi.

  2. I was just going to write the same thing as TLC.

  3. haha! :)

    so tell us...what is your aversion to maternity clothes?


  4. You know, TLC - merely the availability and my environment.

    Any maternity clothes I want to buy I need to ship down here. And that takes a while. AND, if the clothes don't fit (which they often don't) - I have to figure out a way to get them BACK to the states. (Can't just "mail" them from here.)

    And, I love dresses. I feel that all of the maternity dresses out there are either $200 per dress or are just ugly for someone of my height. Or long. Or boring.

    We'll be going back to Toledo in April and I cannot WAIT TO SHOP then. Until then, I'll continue to feel like a sausage.

    And, I hate the idea of spending money on clothes that I will only be wearing for a short time. You know?

    And, the idea of wearing a full panel pair of maternity pants when it's 95 degrees makes me boil. I need as light and as little clothing as possible... that fits.

    AND, the bigger the clothes (more tent-like), the huger I feel. Yes, "huger."

  5. lol...i totally get all of those reasons.

    i loved dresses when i was pregnant. had a few cute ones too -- from liz lange (@ target).

    and yeah, at some point feeling 'huger' is unavoidable. it just happens. :)

    i had so many maternity clothes from my 2 pregnancies..i gave some to a friend, donated some and sold the rest to a consignment shop. it does suck to spend $$ on a temporary wardrobe...believe me!

  6. That skirt/shoe combo is just darling! I love it! :)

  7. I love that skirt. There's no way in Hades you can wear that when you're pregnant. That's why it's so cute and tempting!

    My summer maternity wardrobe consisted of (non-maternity) drawstring skirts and Old Navy maternity tank tops. I wore the skirts tied under my belly, and the tank tops were nice and long and the appropriate amount of form-fitting. Those were two items of clothing that I found myself able to wear after Rhys was born, without fear of still looking pregnant.


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