Clearly digestive issues run rampant in the U.S.

I'm the daughter of an earth muffin.
All the while growing up we used alternative meds and probiotics (before they were cool. That's just the way we roll...) before turning to generally accepted meds like acetaminophen, antibiotics, etc.

I swear by Vitamin E.
I couldn't live without lysine.
I take a multivitamin every day.
Vitamin C does wonders.
And I adore essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus.
(This list goes on and on. You should see my vitamin drawer.)

That said - I understand the benefits of eating well in order to keep your body functioning well. (No, that doesn't explain my bowl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with crunched up Reese's cup eggs on top that I ate for second dinner last night. I'm pregnant. That explains that.)

WHAT is the deal with America's obsession with their colons?

(I know that was just too much for some of you to read. I would imagine my brother more than likely just thought, "Ok, Ky. Do you really have to say 'colons'?" hee hee.)

But seriously, every U.S. commercial is either about:

1.) Saving money and buying products that are the most budget-effective


b.) Righting a wronged digestive track.

Metamucil. Fiber. Dannon Activia.

WHAT is the problem? Why, oh why, are your colons so unhappy?

I think the president is dodging the largest issue in the country. It ain't AIG or bailout cash. It's about digestive regularity and "bifidus regularis."

I have a solution.
Move to Mexico. Buy ceviche or a burrito from a street vendor selling his tasty dishes off the tailgate of his truck.

Catch my drift?

You'll be fine.


  1. I never had any of those crazy American bowel issues- until I got pregnant. I complained at one of my early doctors visits about the intense back pain I was having and came to find out that not only do I have some rockin preggo constipation, I have a tilted uterus that presses backwards instead of vertical. Activia is my savior now, at least temporarily! After that I will go back to making fun of their weird commercials.

  2. I get an email daily asking me "DO YOU KNOW OF THE DANGERS LIVING IN NADJA'S COLON??"

    I'm concerned...

  3. Two-words: Processed Foods

  4. HAHA! Love this post and SO true!

    Ever since SNL did a skit on Activia I can not watch the commercials without laughing.

    And I agree, processed foods plays a HUGE part with it.


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