Blogger Hint

3/29/2009 08:00:00 AM
Hey ya'll blogger users. Have you backed up your blog lately?

There are some random websites that do it for you, but you can also go into your blog easily once a week and handle it yourself.

Just log in and go to "settings" and click on, "export blog."

It'll save your blog as a Blogger export file (.xml) file which can be kept as a backup on your hard drive or imported into another blog.


  1. Does that just save your template? or all your posts?

  2. I saw this post and thought you were going to say something worse than what was posted.

    Thank you for the hint! I did it and hope it helps for future failure! :)

  3. Hi Ericka - yep - it saves all of your posts. Not just your template.

    Hopeful #1 - I know, can you imagine!?!

  4. Thanks for the hint! I didn't even think to back up!


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