BLOG Notice.

3/14/2009 08:00:00 AM
Blogging may be negatively impacted for the next several days.
We have guests in town until next Saturday.

Don't hold it against me.

Instead, enjoy this picture of the squirrel eating the pretzel.

(I swear, anyone who doesn't like squirrels is heartless.)


  1. I think that's a chipmunk :)

  2. UMMMMM- Kylee, that IS a chimpmunk, however, like wise about squirrels and chimpmunks! By that way- I WILL hold it against you for not blogging as much as I am severly jealous of your company yet a the same time am oddly glad I am not there! :) he he he!!! Have fun! Mickey

  3. (SEE! Now I thought it was a chipmunk, too.

    However, that image came up when I was googling "squirrels" and C. also said it was too big to be a chipmunk.)

    No matter: squirrels AND chipmunks are pretty flippin' cute.)


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