3/11/2009 01:00:00 PM
I feel that the Nextel direct-connect sound could drive non Nextel-users to suicide.

If that doesn't do it - having to listen to people's CB radio-like conversations should.


  1. I agree... here is my rant on annoying cells!

  2. I agree. We have a cavernous office and when the maintenance guys come in with their radios it's like they're just screaching in my ears and bouncing off the walls. It's horrid!

  3. That is too funny. When I worked at SeaGate, we had Nextels and I loved it. Two-way radio is amazing and super fun, basically like walkie talkies you can also text with.

    I can definitely see how this is annoying to non-beeping peeps, but when you are "in" it's great.

  4. I Hate Nextel, period.

    Yes, when I am going to the restroom or walking around in a public place I just LOVE to hear your conversations in bewteen those annoying beeps. It seriously, just makes my day.

  5. I fail to understand the supposed "convenience" of this method of communication. The conversation takes about five times as long when you factor in wait times and the obnoxious beeps. Not to mention, everyone can hear what you're saying!


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