"And this is Paul Harvey... Good day!"

3/01/2009 10:54:00 AM
It appears that famed am radio commentator Paul Harvey passed away.
I became a regular listener to his afternoon radiocasts during college. (Weird, I know.)
I appreciated his pauses, his old-school-ness and his friendly voice.
He started his career in 1933. That's quite a career.

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  1. OH MY GOSH! I didn't hear this! I'm so sad. I heart Paul Harvey...I knew he'd been sick lately, his son was doing some of his stories recently.

    I used to listen every single day. The past year or so, I just kind of forgot to. He was in and out so much, and I just didn't care as much for his son or some other guy that would do it. They're just not the same.



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