2/14/2009 12:01:00 AM
Happy Valentine's Day, kids.

Several Quick thoughts:
1. Love you Craig. Happy Valentine's Day a ti.

2. My favorite part about Valentine's Day as a child was when my Mom would make us a HUGE rice crispy treated dyed pink and shaped like a heart and we'd eat it.

3. I also loved decorating my valentine's day kleenex box in preparation for the end-of-day Valentine's Day party.

4. One fine year my mom ordered for me Valentines to give my class from Current (remember that catalog? I LOVED when it arrived at our house.) that were checks. As in, "Pay to the Order of ____________" From, "Kylee." Awesome. Go Mom.

Anywho - whether you're boycotting it or not, you are loved today. (And everyday.)

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