2/11/2009 07:00:00 AM
Amazon prime hasn't been a good thing for me.
I am mindlessly shopping. Often.
The husband has kindly given me the, "Um...wanna chill out on buying amazon stuff everyday" talk.
(It was more of a statement than a question.)
Marriage is truly the finest example of accountability.


  1. My response to those talks? "Don't try to change me, baby."

  2. Ok, understandable that there may be concern about the shopping....but did you mention the FREE 2-Day shipping thing again?! Say you were going to spend $15 to ship something...that was money saved and now you have $15 EXTRA to buy something else. Basic math really.

    What is mindlessly shopping, I have never heard of such a thing.

  3. Ah, yes. I'm all too familiar. My other favorite phrasing of that statement posed as a question is "Tell me again why we need this?"

    (The appropriate response, which I encourage you to use, is "I gave you a child.")

    Oh, and free shipping gets me every time. If I am purchasing a $40 item, but there is an offer for free shipping on purchases over $100, I will add sixty more dollars worth of merchandise to my cart. If I'm going to pay a surcharge, I'd like to receive something in exchange. THAT is what I call sound logic.


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