Thoughts? Baby Registry.

Ok, I'm going to get the baby registry either a.) finished this week or b.) nearly finished this week.

I'm in organization mode.
This past weekend I contact-papered the drawers in the built-in in Lila's room.
I organized our 2 junk drawers.
Cleaned out our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and bedroom drawers.

Since I don't like birds, I refuse to call what I'm doing "nesting."

That said - please offer ANY suggestions on what you absolute reccomend or what you don't recommend in terms of baby stuff in the comments section. Or, email me here.

Gracias, amigas.

P.S. I'm ALWAYS looking for great baby shopping websites. Pass them on, por favor.


  1. Yeah, I think I made myself heard with my multi-page Word document complete with thoughts and pictures...

  2. I was just putting the finishing touches on the list to email you. I might post it on my blog now. I'd be curious to see who agrees with me, who thinks I'm full of crap, and who has suggestions that I failed to think of.

  3. i left a hamper in the babys room for the things she grew out of. she was my first and i wanted to save the clothes for the next child. it made it easy for me to throw things in there for me to save and pack up later

  4. Do your research on your stroller. TO be honest, alot of them SUCK. So if at all possible, see the one you want to buy, read ALL of the reviews, and research it's safety. And also keep in mind " you get what you pay for". I am on the hunt right now for a new one. I have looked at many and have yet to find the one I want to commit to for the next 4 years.

  5. Don't buy any diaper cream besides TRIPLE PASTE. it is amazing!

  6. Hola! I'm not registered anywhere just yet... It's taking me a while. :-) Target for sure, but haven't figured out the other place.


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