Shoes I really want. But won't buy. But really want. And would like to buy.

2/27/2009 06:00:00 AM
Wanted Cairo
$40. (Good price)
Buy them here.

Cynthia Vincent Louella
See here.
I ADORE THESE. They are screaming my name.
(I wonder if I can put these on Lila's baby registry...)

Nine West Rusty
Buy here.

Max Studio Cane
LOVE these.


  1. LOVE the last pair. First one is super cute too. The blue is fun.

    But, I'm just not at all crazy about those zipper things. I guess I kinda feel like zippers belong on boots and not sandals. ??

  2. very cute....but i'm thinking that perhaps wedges of that height aren't very practical for a pregnant know, with the whole balance issue and all (have you had that problem yet...the whole 'shift in your center of gravity and dammit it all i can't walk a straight line anymore'? yeah, you will.) :)

    however, i'd put them on the "mommy registry" and wear them proudly after baby lila arrives :)

  3. Since Lila will be leaving your body in the least comfortable way possible, it is only fair that Craig buys you these as a "Boy I'm glad it's not me" gift.

  4. I'll go halfsies on the Cynthia Vincent Louella's with you.

    Lemme know.

  5. Please, please, please put shoes for you on the baby registry. That's amazing.


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