2/12/2009 11:43:00 AM
Further proof that Joaquin Phoenix has lost his mind.

1. He's didn't even shake Dave's hand.
2. Was this in act? A character? I found his one-word answers annoying. And rude.
3. The unabomber joke made me laugh out loud.
4. I find Dave wonderful. All the things you say, Mickey D, are correct.
5. It's true. He could wash his hair. OPEN his mouth when he speaks. Something.
6. I did find it thoughtful that Joaquin asked him if he was ok regarding his grooming mistake.
7. So was this uber-Andy Kaufman or what?
8. Dave did get a bit lippy toward the end, no? "I'll come to your house and chew gum."

Eek. Uncomfortable to all. Painful.


  1. I haven't been able to watch it yet. Too many people are watching it and it keeps stopping!

    I've read about it and I can say that only Dave would have handled it that well.

    Did you also see the interview with the plane that landed in the Hudson people this week? He is a true professional, so great at interviewing and interacting with people. And always, ALWAYS has the perfect quip.

  2. Oh. Em. Gee. Thank you for posting that! I missed it - utterly crazy! He was clearly under the influence of something. I bet he was bound by contract to promote the film, so he showed up but protested by being crazy.

  3. WOW.

    I am sorry, I don't even know what to say about that. It seems too much of an act to be real. Like a big ol joke on all of us. I mean I hope he isn't having a break down or on anything but in all honesty, he just seems like he is acting.

  4. This is the reason that Hollywood pisses me off. I mean, come ON. We all have our problems. This general disrespect to one another is what is wrong with the world.

    PS I love Dave also.


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