Random Friday thoughts.

2/20/2009 03:49:00 PM
1. I hate the color purple. I really, really do. I would never buy an article of purple clothing and I would return anything that anyone bought for me in purple. (On Lila, purple will be ok...for some reason.)

2. Chris Brown should get into trouble with the law for what he "allegedly" did to Rhianna. I can't abide woman-hitters. Come on.

3. I feel that that Hugh Jackman is the ideal choice to host the Oscars.


  1. purple is my favorite color, but i never wear it.

    chris brown is a loser. and needs to be punished.

    i cannot wait to see hugh jackman @ the oscars on sunday. he said something about being 'nude and drunk' as host. hmmmm....

  2. Purple is OK by me and so is Hugh at the Oscars

  3. Hmmmmm....... :) :) Mickey

  4. 1. Purple to me is just "meh".
    2. Given his past he needs to have mandatory major counseling.
    3. For some reason I can't stand Hugh Jackman.

  5. I love me some purple. You can re-gift all of your purple clothing to me.


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