Product Review:
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

2/05/2009 07:00:00 AM
My little sister is a hairstylist-in-learning at Paul Mitchell's The System in Springfield, MO. She bought me this stuff for Christmas and I adore it.

Here's why: 
A.) It smooths my hair yet is not too heavy.
B.) It's light-weight. You can use it a for days in a row -- even if you don't wash your hair daily (like moi.) It won't make you greasy.
C.) It smells amazing. Like a sour apple jolly rancher. I wish it were a skin moisturizer.

Buy it for approximately $12.

NOTE: I asked my sister why it's important to buy Paul Mitchell and other "salon" brands in salons, instead of say - at Target and she said that the sold-at-Target brands are often watered down and are not backed by a guarantee like those are in the salons. FYI.


  1. The salon I just started going to is a Paul Mitchell salon.

    I was just considering buying this... when I got my hair cut she used the super skinny serum to style my hair and I loved the way it looked/felt.

    I want to go get it RIGHT NOW after this recommendation! :)

  2. oh, very nice! I love Paul Mitchell, I think they have the best products...their hairspray is great.

  3. The name of this product sound dirty! :)


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