Product Report: Ultrasound

2/06/2009 09:48:00 AM
We had another Dr.'s appointment last night and with that, another ultrasound.

I shall post the images from that on Monday in my regular report.

Until then, here's an ultrasound from December - nearly 2 months ago. When you see how big she is now, you'll be floored.

Ok, well. We were.


  1. That is so amazing! Blake can't wait to meet his future wife! :-)

  2. My niece is B E A U T I F U L !

  3. I love that it is set to music! Is that normal or a special thing your doc does? Or maybe a Mexico thing? Or am I just naive since I'm kid-less?

    Anyway, it's cool. :)

  4. God is amazing. Look how perfectly she is knit together already.

    Can't wait to meet you, Lila Ross!

  5. She's so cute! And that's a healthy looking corpus luteum cyst you had there on your left ovary. ;-)


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