Produce Report:
She's a cantaloupe this week.

"....Oh! We're half way there, (ahhhh ahhh! Livin' on a prayer)..."

As my good friend Jon Bon Jovi sang in his hit from yesterday and today, we're almost there. At this point I am 20 out of 40 weeks pregnant. In just 4.5 months, we'll meet her. Will she just be arriving on our door step via some stork-like creature? I wish. That's truly my arrival preference.

I'll be honest, all of this is exciting--yet part of me is starting to get a shall we say, nervous. I'm going to be a mommy?! I still eat cake for dinner and skip making my bed. Just yesterday I "snuck" 5 peanut butter blossom cookies. And, I'm known to occasionally sweep dirt under an area rug. How exactly is this going to work?

Moving on.

According to, this week "your baby's genitals are completely formed." I feel that Lila would prefer if I refrain from talking about her area... so we're just going to glaze over that.

Q. How do you feel?
A. Great! And congested. As the books state, this is completely normal. Higher estrogen levels lead to swelling of my nose membranes (yep, that's the technical term) hence the production of 24/7 congestion. (See technical answer here.) It makes for awfully attractive sniffing/snorting in the am's. Ask Craig. And, I nearly lost it last week at work because I forgot my Dristan at home and I was feeling suffocated (C. swears I'm becoming addicted to it. I tell him, there are worse things. It's not a crack pipe, for the love.)

Q. Word on the street correlates heartburn with the amount of hair a bambino will be born with. Is it true?
A. I'm not sure. All I know is that I've had very little heartburn (comparatively) and I was born looking like a spider-monkey (my Mom's description) and was bald until I was 5. Clearly, Lila is going to be wearing a lot of hats.

Q. How much weight have you gained?
A. 10 lbs. I just look like I'm getting...bigger. In all honesty - it's the phase I wasn't so much looking forward to. "Is she pregnant? OR is she over-eating?" (Got my pregnancy pants. See below. And yeah, I shirt's too tight. I know this. EVERYTHING is tight.) Q. Will you continue to share with readers how much you've gained?
A. I'm sure it'll be obvious as the pictures progress. (Keeping in mind that the camera adds 5 lbs at least.)

Q. Do you know if Lila loves shoes yet?
A. I say this with no reservations: Yes, she does. In fact, she received her first pair of shoes from her Tia D. this week. Here they are. (HOW CUTE?)
Q. Will Lila be bi-lingual?
A. Yes, since she's allegedly beginning to "hear" this week we've already started her on the Spanish Rosetta Stone collection.

Q. How did your appointment/ultrasound go last week?
A. Perfectly! (Thank you, God!) Miss La-la-la-Lila appears to be normal. We saw her brain, the four chambers of her heart and valves, her "area" (she's a girl, still), and her lips, cheeks and my favorite: her nose! The Dr. measured everything and she's continuing to measure 2 weeks beyond her age. He's still saying, "Wow. She's big" incessantly. My favorite part of the ultrasound was that her stomach was as big as her head. :-) My kinda girl.

(The newest ultrasound isn't on youtube yet. I'll post when it's there.)

Q. How much did the Dr. project that she weighs?
A. 14 oz. To me that means, "Oh! That's just 2 ounces less than a pound!" To my husband that translates to, and I quote, "That's a beer and two shots."

Below are some photos. The last is my fav.

This is our baby's heart.

This is our baby's femur (thigh bone).

This is Lila's face.
And, look at her tootsies.
(Please insert an, "aw!" here.)

Ok, here's me. Yesterday. I'm smiling at Ferg in the second picture. And as always, I have bed head.

Until next week...


  1. Yay for all the pictures!! "AW" is right for the ultrasound picture with Lila's little feet!! too precious! And how cute are those shoes, you know this girl is going to have style.

    You look so good, just adorable! I think you are going to be a fantastic mommy because you have SO much love to give and you are just yourself and keep things real :)

  2. that photo of you in your too-tight (it's totally not) shirt... so cute! you look great!

  3. Do we sing "la la la Lila" to the tune of "cha cha cha chia" from chia pets???

    Last night at dinner you looked officially pregnant.

  4. Love the pictures!!! What an adorable little face! BTW, I had no heart burn with A and she had a TON of hair. So much the doctor was twirling her hair as her head was crowning. So there's still hope for Lila!

  5. heartburn: here's what i know...

    i had HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE heartburn w/ both kids and both had very little hair.

    i think it's all a myth that was created in an attempt to make pregnant women feel better about the heartburn. :)

  6. T, thank you for the song reference. I said "la la la lila" about 20 times in my head with no tune.

    K, you are amazingly cute.

  7. (Sister: Yep - that is precisely how I want you to say her name. To the tune of the chia pet song.

    I'm serious.)


    for your listening reference and music to hum by.

    (word verification: Oveno ....sorta like the spanish word for oven, or you).

  9. for the fashionista-movie-fan baby:

    my friend co-founded this company. if you're a movie fan, these onesies are way cute. :)

  10. Thanks so much for posting those ultrasound pics!!! Seriously, that foot one is unreal!

    You look so great!

  11. you look absolutely amazing K! So cute - you and Lila's feet!

    And yes, it's true that she can now hear this week. The structures of her ear a fully developed at this point. (and here ends my knowledge of fetal development).

  12. SUCH CUTE little FOOTSIES! i want to pinch them.
    i like that she is a cantaloupe, but that is QUITE the increase from the mango of last week.

  13. I always get giddy when I see you've posted your update. I love keeping in touch with everything going on over the miles.

    Can't wait to see you in the spring!!!

  14. She looks cute, you look cute, and you're still so tiny!

    (BTW, I sing Lila to the tune of "Lola.")


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