Produce Report: She's a banana this week.

2/16/2009 07:00:00 AM
It turns out that I am 21 weeks pregnant. What does this mean? This means that I will be giving birth (gasp! who me?) in approximately 4 or so months.

Apparently Lila is the size of a banana this week. I'm assuming that's how long she is, because we all know she weighs more than a banana at this point. (Last week it was a bit more than a canned beverage.)

What's happening this week? Well, apparently Lila's taste buds are developing. And better yet - what she is eating in utero will interestingly be what she is most comfortable after she is out of utero. In other words, she'll be coming into the world with a strong hankering for bacon, chocolate chip cookies and milk by the gallon. Awesome. We'll get along great.

Q. Where is Lila right now?
A. On my bladder. In fact, I think she may be jumping on it. :-)

Q. How is C. doing with the preparation for the birth of his impending little princess?
A. Great. He's pumped. He's getting to feel her move more and more, and I think that's fun for him.

Q. How is C. handling me and my hormones and my cravings and
A. As good as can be expected. He does understand unequivocally the following: "I don't know what she's going through. I will never experience the body changes that she is experiencing and anything I've ever been through (including being run over by a car) does not compare to the current and future state of my beautiful wife."

So I'd say he's doing well.

Q. How do you feel about stretch marks?
A. Well, like every normal woman, I welcome them. "Come! Live on me! Preferably in the most conspicuous places possible!" I'm hoping to use reverse psychology on them.

Q. Are you doing anything to combat those "welcome" friends?
A. Yeah, I'm always lubed up with cocoa butter and other lotions. I know that there is no conclusive proof that moisturizing staves off stretch marks, but I'd rather error on the side of caution, right? I mean, there may be no heaven but I feel better knowing that at this point I'll get in.

Q. Any tastes changing?
A. Yes. I have been listing to a lot of Wyclef and Jay-Z. Figure that out. Lila likes rap, I guess. (Who knew? Well she is Craig's daughter...)

Q. All in all, how are things?
A. Don't be disgusted with me, but seriously? Everything's great. I have noticed a huge INCREASE in my appetite, though. Seriously. I just ate a bowl of pasta and told Craig, "Um... yeah, it's like I didn't even eat that. I need something else."

It's like how hobbits eat second breakfast. I eat second and third dinner.


Q. What's the weight gain at this mid-way point?
A. 11-12 lbs.

Anywho, we went to the beach yesterday. Here we were.
Mas (more) to come next semana (week)!

(Ferg was camera shy. Believe it or not.)


  1. Enjoy being able to eat a lot now. Towards the end of my pregnancy I would be starving and after two bites would be so full I felt like I was going to barf.

  2. So glad to hear you are feeling well still!

    I LOVE these updates so much.

    Can't wait to

  3. Also glad to hear that you are doing/feeling well and your little banana is jumping happily on your bladder.

  4. Well no wonder she is jumping all around on your bladder, it is all that hip hop/rap she wants to listen to!

    I have heard that Vitamin E oil is also suppose to help with stretch marks.

  5. Kylee, you look incredible! Thank you so much for the updates- Ferg is just practicing her act for when Lila is here and everyone is taking Lila's picture and not hers! :) Lila will have so much soul and rhythm!!!! Mickey


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