Oscar Recap

2/22/2009 07:02:00 PM
Ok, let's be honest - this recap is less about the show and more about the dresses.

About the show:
It’s official. I have a crush on Hugh Jackman.
I am so pleased that Tina Fey was there. Lookin’ all pretty and soundin’ all funny and smart.
And I am elated that Kate Winslet won Best Actress. Yay.

Let's begin about the fashion/red carpet.

NOTE: I refuse to comment on Disney stars. (Not because I’m nice, but because I’m annoyed (like my sister) that they’re even in attendance at the Oscars.)

Amanda Siegfried (from Mama Mia) has a big bow on her dress. That’s not ok.
That's TOTALY a bridesmaid's dress.

Amy Adams looks gorgeous. I love seeing a red-head in red. And, I quite liked her necklace.

Anne Hathaway looked lovely. Boring, yet lovely.
(I still really want to see Rachel Getting Married).
And I love it when she sings...

It's probably me, I just think that Beyonce always looks tacky.

ALWAYS wears the same thing: a variation of a black dress. I do like her earrings, though. And her hair looks pretty great. (I think she just inspired me to put hot rollers in my hair tomorrow.) How annoyed does she look?
Whatever, sister. You asked for that crazy fame.

Frieda Pinto (the actress from Slumdog Millionaire) looks like she’s mistakenly wearing Helen Mirren’s dress. It’s a great color, but it’s not fun and is far too “mature” (read: old) for her.

Heidi Klum’s dress did nothing for me. I did enjoy her bracelets, though. Blah.

Jessica Biel
looked tragic. That bow is frumpy and ill-fitting.
She's super-buff and there she goes rocking a dress that hides bloating. Weird.

I want to be Leslie Mann’s friend. I'd think she's uber-funny. She also looks just fine.

Kate Winslett looks perfect. I love the top, the bottom/sides? Not crazy about them.
Still, I feel she's a woman above women. If Lila wanted to grow up and be like Kate, I'd be ok with that.

I'll say it, Natalie Portman looks like she just competed in some sort of Texas pageant.

Sarah Jessica Parker
looked like Galinda. And I won't lie, I'd like to wear that dress.

Taraji P. Henson was my absolute favorite part about Benjamin Button. And she wins, "Best Necklace of the Evening."

Melissa George is wearing the top half of Madonna’s, “Like a Virgin” dress. It’s still tacky. And while I usually love mermaid-style dresses I'm at a loss as to how she actually walked the red carpet. Maybe she used a segway or something.

Marissa Tomei
’s dress is a work of origami art. I love, love, love it. She looked amazing. I love the no-jewlery and loose hair. She's my #1 pick.

That's all.


  1. kylee you missed your calling! Can't wait till tomorrow's edition!

  2. Are you aware that Craig would hav a better chnce with Hugh Jackman?

    I can't hate on Angelina's choice as I have the same continuous color scheme.

    I think Natalie Portman looks cute.

    Kate Winslet would make me feel low class just being near her I think.

    LOVE Marissa Tomei's. Beautiful.

    Anne Hathaway is lovely.

    Looking at Mickey Rourke makes me uncomfortable.

  3. hugh jackman is great. but he did holler "the musical is back!" at one point last night. odd, very odd.

    beyonce's dress was an epic failure. it was horrible and tacky.

    the disney stars were annoying..

  4. The thought of Melissa George in that dress on a Segway cracks me up!

    I liked Teraji Henson's dress and overall look the best.

    While I think Kate Winslet is uber classy and gorgeous, I wasn't feeling the overall look. The dress was cool but the hair and the earrings bothered me. Can't say why. But I'm glad she won.

    Beyonce. Barf. Why can't she ever put on something that looks right? She always looks like she shopped at the Oscar Discount Rack of Sequins and Gaudiness. She's so pretty, how does she always manage to look so bad?

    I desperately want Angelina's earrings.

    Marisa Tomei's was super cool.

    I think Frieda Pinto is the prettiest woman on earth. She can wear whatever she wants.

  5. Great recap!! the segway comment made me laugh real hard


  6. Best Dressed: Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman, Tiraji P. Henson, Angelina Jolie, Diane Lane,Anne Hathaway & Penelope Cruz.
    Worst Dressed: Tilda Swinton, Whoopi Goldberg, Marisa Tomei, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Amy Adams, & Reese Witherspoon.

  7. I'd have to go with the fact that these were some of the worst distasteful dresses at one Oscar event ever. Ugh. (a few were hits)

  8. I loved your recap.

    Hugh Jackman is the hottest man of all time (for me anyways, for right now).

    Your Angelina comments were hilarious.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Kate Winslet.

  9. Perfect recap. Brava.

    Beyonce--yuck. I'd love to see a foreclosure notice on the House of Dereon.

    I didn't care much for Kate Winslet's hair and makeup. I guess I'm used to seeing her with wavy hair and an airbrushed face on magazine covers. Either way, she's beautiful. I just found her hair and makeup to be matronly.

    It is only a matter of time before Hugh Jackman gets his own People magazine "Yep, I'm gay" cover.


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