Non-green confession.

2/04/2009 10:00:00 AM
You know, I try to do my best to be green.
We haven't used paper plates in years, we use the toaster oven to cook for all two of us in order to conserve energy and we use as few water bottles as possible in this, "Don't-drink-the-water" capital of the world.

That said, when I brush my teeth I can't help it. I can't turn the water off.
I know you're supposed to run the water ONLY when you need to while brushing your teeth: when you spit.

But here's my deal:
I have the toothbrush in my right hand and I'm holding back my hair with my left hand so I don't spit on it.

Something's got to give and in this case, it's the water.

The water continue to runneth.

Hey. I do what I can.


  1. i too let the water run but mostly it's because it's too quiet and i like the sound of the water. weird.

  2. I let the water run too, unless my sister comes by and she will turn it which I will turn it back on and let it run.

    But I don't stop there: I will also let the water run when I wash dishes, take very very long showers, wash a half a load of clothes on the large clothes setting, and turn the water on and let it run for a minute while I wait for it to get really cold. Oh well.

  3. i let the water run too. sadly, i don't even think about it. i do the same thing when washing pots and pans. and when giving the kids a bath.

    so i guess i'm just leaving a big ol' carbon footprint everywhere i go.

    but...i do recycle my water bottles.

  4. W.K. and TLC, Boo Hoo to you. Glad to know you care about the earth that our kids will be living on long after were gone. Water conservation is important!

  5. W.K. and TLC and TL - I appreciate your honesty.

    Anon - give 'em a break. I swear that people living in the States, with their water-saving toilets and their overall infrastructure are helping the earth 10 times more than they even KNOW, compared to those living here on the Baja peninsula.

    I'm willing to bet that TL, WK and TLC don't throw their litter out of their window, that they di recycle and that they don't burn their garbage.

  6. Aw, Thanks Ky! You are right, we try to help our beautiful planet in other ways. For instance, when we want to go somewhere to go shopping, see a movie or get dinner we commute my private plane. Since it takes less time to get there we use less gas and therefore help the planet!! I do what I can :)

  7. I leave the water running ALL DAY while I'm at work... TAKE THAT!

    No just kidding because that would be awful- our pipes are so old our sink hardly drains! Therefore, I've learned I can't leave the sink on during the brushing anymore or everything fills up with water. Very old houses are tricky like that. Before I wasn't as good about turning the faucet off.

  8. anon...oh boo hoo. get over it. so i let the water run for a few extra seconds and actually FILL the tub when my kids take a bath. sue me. whatever. i recycle. i do my part.

    oh and next time you want to gripe about about leaving your name.

  9. I'd bet my first born child, the one I'm ruining the Earth for, that Anonymous saves water by bathing in patchouli.


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