No, really?

2/12/2009 07:00:00 AM
So I've been trying to up my game in the Español arena and have been more faithfully going through the Rosetta Stone CDs.

I quit right before Christmas because the stupid CD set was telling me that I wasn't pronouncing, "sillas" (chairs) correctly. (I KNOW I WAS.)

So last night I was doing the unit review and literally had to say the word, "No."

It told me that I was saying it incorrectly 5 times.


REALLY Rosetta Stone?

I'm pretty confident I've mastered the pronunciation of the word, "No." Like when I was a year old.

Heavy sigh.


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  2. Hee hee. I find that amusing...and just a little FYI for you. Rosetta Stone's primary corporate offices (and where the company began) is right here in Harrisonburg, Va.

  3. If you need help, Athena can absolutely help you with that word.

  4. hysterical. i'm glad you paid hundreds of dollars for the program to tell you that you said no wrong.

  5. Congratulations, Rosetta Stone. Your help in the exploration of language is astounding.

  6. well, i'll take it if u don't want it!!! (u should have a blog contest to get rid of it ;-)


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