No more.

2/04/2009 04:52:00 PM
For the record, I'm not even setting my DVR for Heroes anymore.
Now, LOST? Absolutely.


  1. i have tivo'd all the LOST eps (3 so far?) and have yet to watch them. and the fact that it's on again tonight? does not matter. i have no desire to watch it right now. i think i just officially declared a LOST boycott. hmmm...

  2. you don't like Heroes anymore?!?! I actually thought the last episode was better then they had been. It isn't my favorite show, I just can't stop watching.

  3. I concur.

    TLC, I suggest you watch those LOST episodes. I think next season, the last season, will have crazy amounts of payoff that you'll want to be a part of. Especially if you've been a fan of the show since the beginning. You may regret stopping now, that's all I'm sayin.

  4. i know Mickey D...i know. i'm just not a big fan of time travel and the little bits i saw of last week's ep didn't do much for me.

    now if they would just bring back the polar bear and smoke monster and stop all this time travel stuff...i'd be OK. :)

    maybe i'll give it another chance this weekend.

  5. W.K. - You know I got so confused and bored with last season, I just quit. I didn't even watch the finale.

    TLC - I encourage you to re-think your LOST boycott. I'm glad you may give it another try.


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