Niece update.

2/19/2009 08:30:00 AM
This past weekend we were so excited to have little Miss Bella (13 mos. old) hang out with us while her parents went to a wedding.

First off - she's the prettiest little thing.
Secondly - she's quite friendly. She greeted C. and I with a, "Hi!" every other second.
Finally - she pretty much put herself to bed.

Now that's a kid I can get behind.

She's a big fan of the zebra and giraffe pillows.

Bella was guarding Ferg's bowls... well, and dipping her feet in the water.

A close up. Don't you want to smooch that face?


  1. She is precious! You seriously just want to kiss those cheeks!!

  2. Oh my gosh! Those legs and arms and cheeks! You know I am just dying to eat her right now!!!! How sweet is she!? You guys had to have had a blast- and putting herself to bed- AMEN!!! Mickey

  3. She is so adorable! I LOVE baby rolls.


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