My Valentine's WishList

2/13/2009 07:05:00 AM
Things I would want for Valentine's Day:
1. Pecan spinwheels (The kind sold in the metal tray in the bread section of your local grocery store. Note mine, for I live in Los Cabos. See below.)2. A new completely loaded macbook pro.
3. A box of fresh *crayola* crayons and a good coloring book.
4. All cotton crochet yarn. (And a day to do nothing but crochet.)
5. A temperature-controlled room covered in milk and dark chocolate, similar to what you've seen people do in offices with foil.
6. To blink my eyes and a Gap would appear in Los Cabos.
7. Mashed potatoes.
8. For that rat that is currently residing in our outdoor laundry room to die. Now.
9. To have a singing voice like Allison Kraus.
10. For apple to come out with a reasonable way to organize and archive customers' purchased iTunes music and movies.

Things I would rather not have for Valentine's Day:
1. Mariachis singing any sort of song anywhere near me.
2. A conversation with Joaquin Phoenix.
3. Herpes

Clearly I'm easy to buy for.


  1. Aren't you forgetting something?

    Something in the form of a Lindor truffle?

  2. Piglet, you are too funny! Love ya!

  3. Mickey D - Oh, no I haven't forgotten. I ask C. last night if he had gotten them yet.


    I certainly hope he was lying to me.

    Patt - Love you too!

  4. Dang! Now I have to cancel my mail-order Joaquin Phoenix/mariachi Valentine's Day rap song I had specifically written for you. There will always be next year...

  5. Those all seem like reasonable requests to me! Especially the temperature-controlled milk and chocolate covered room!

    (I have my crayons out in my living room right now...though my coloring books sucks, I colored all the good pictures already. :( Oh and the other night K laughed at me as I dumped my box of crayons out on the table and re-organized them based on their colors. I told her my box of crayons was complete chaos before I fixed it.)

  6. I heart Allison Kraus. Do you have her CD with Robert Plant? LOVE's pretty great.

    mmmm, love Lindor truffles too!

  7. I just went to my husband's work to see if anyone wanted to buy any MK products for their wives. I had them wrapped up and everything. I'd say 50% or more of those asked said they weren't getting their wives anything! Some said just a card.

    Not even flowers?


  8. @ quiet oasis: i am getting nothing for valentine's day. i told my husband not to buy me anything. yeah, not even flowers. i'm over v-day. OVER it. :)


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