Movie Review: The Great Debaters

2/09/2009 08:15:00 AM
I usually don't want to see Harpo-affiliated movies becaues I have that love/hate with Oprah.

That said, I enjoyed this one.

I'm currently slowly reading my way through, "A People's History of the United States" and I'm currently at the start of the civil war. I've read about the atrocities committed by the colonists and early "Americans" against the Native Americans and the slaves and it's just... well. I have no words.

This movie takes place in 1935 Texas. It's frustrating. I suppose education is knowledge. Still, sometimes I'm just embarrassed about our nation's past.


  1. (I am going to go there, because I always do.)

    I will only season the sequel to this movie...The Master Debaters.

    So, it was a bad joke, who cares...I said it anyways! :)

  2. i loved this movie. cried like a baby for some reason. i think i was so happy that they won!!

  3. I guess I don't need to see it now. THANKS, TROPHY LIFE.

    (I wouldn't have seen it anyway, as I am permanently boycotting All Things Oprah. Except for Nate Berkus. Like Rick Astley said, I'm never gonna give *him* up.)

    WK, The Master Debaters isn't as good. It lacks a supporting cast.


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