LOST thoughts

2/05/2009 08:58:00 AM
First off, I love LOST. Yeah, my attention has slightly strayed over the years several times - however my loyalty has not.

DISCLAIMER: If you haven't watched last night's episode - do not READ.


I'm having a difficult time reconciling my past adoration for Jack. He seems like such a waffling wuss these days. Who's side is he on? Is he off the pills yet? I don't like a weak central character.

Sayid will forever be one of my favorites. I quite like how if one was in a jam, Sayid can get you out. Fast-thinking, fast-moving. A fine-hearted torturer.

I thought that Claire's Mom was creepy looking. And I was floored that she didn't know about Aaron.

I've enjoyed Ben since he was introduced. I hate him so much I love him. His character is so creepy. (I wonder how this character has affected his personal life.) Anywho, WHAT is he trying to do now?

Clearly Ben is against Mr. Widmore. So, is Sun working for Mr. Widmore? What is she going to do with Aaron? And, I thought Jin was dead.

Any thoughts?


  1. I also love LOST.

    Jack is definitely conflicted. I think he feels bad because ultimately is was his decision to leave the island and now he realizes it may have harmed a lot of people so he's trying to fix it. Always fixing things...

    Sayid is awesome. No doubts on that one. "fine-hearted torturer" is a very accurate description.

    This new Sun is shocking. I'm really interested in what her deal is. What is she doing with a gun inside a box of candy? And where's her baby?

    Ben is great. And Juliet is great.

    The time switching is sometimes hard to follow, but little by little they are giving us answers. And I'm ok with that.

  2. Is it just me or was last night's episode kind of dull and unenlightening? So we found out that Ben was behind the Kate/Aaron thing to get her to go back to the island. And Jin is alive (kind of already sensed that) and the younger Rousseau was the one to find him. Pretty boring stuff.

    Sayid is one of the best characters on the show. Did you catch his look when Ben met with his lawyer in the parking garage. It was priceless.

    If no one trusts Ben, especially Sayid, so why are they listening to him and getting together to go back to the island? And I love how Jack thinks he knows Ben's motives... until he finds out he was the one behind trying to take Aaron away.

    Sun working with Widmore is interesting... she has almost turned into Jin's old hit man character.


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