It's official.

2/26/2009 10:25:00 AM
LOST is the best show on TV.
Yesterday's episode was fantastic.


  1. hmm...i guess i must just be over my love for LOST. i watched last week's and then 1/2 of last nights and was so irritated by the whole 'bright light, time travel, john locke story' that i gave up and let tivo do the rest.

    i think it's true...LOST has lost me.

  2. In my opinion, Lost is the best show on television!

  3. I agree. . . . best show out there!

  4. Totally great. It's not like anything else and nothing else will be like it.

  5. Seriously - BEN is fantastic. I love Sayid. And even Locke didn't bug me yesterday. I LOVE the twists and turns.

    HEROES tried to do it, but they lost momentum. Hardcore. LOVE that show.

  6. (When I said, "that" show I was referring to LOST. Absolutely NOT Heroes. Which I've stopped watching. Since it's TERRIBLE.)


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