Fun little Target find.

2/24/2009 09:48:00 AM
This is Dwell Studio 5' x 8' rug from Target.
It was only $38.00 on clearence when I bought two of them for our bedroom.
Now they're $20.99.
I'm thinking that for the price, they're fantastic.
I mean, I don't even like BLUE, but it serves its' purpose.


  1. Cute! Why are rugs SO flipp'n expensive?!?! We were looking for one for our basement and I felt like we had to take out a loan to get one that was not completly ugly but large enough for the area we needed. Rugs, decorative pillows and curtains will put you in the poor house! So it is nice to see there are some that are very reasonably priced!

  2. I loved this rug in green, but didn't want to pay full price. I really enjoy the stripes.


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