Fun little quiz.

2/17/2009 11:18:00 AM
1. What were you doing before you visited my blog?
2. What's the last thing you ate?
3. Finish it: "I wish......"
4. Finish it: "I am....."

That's all.


  1. 1. Printing directions on de-dupe methods.
    2. A pear/apple thing.
    3. I wish I hadn't eaten my snack as early as I did.
    4. I am hungry.

  2. 1. posting a rant on my blog

    2. a chicken pita sandwich

    3. i wish i could find a new job.

    4. i am ready to go pick up my girls @ daycare...mama needs a hug.

  3. 1. checking my email.
    2. bread pudding.
    3. I wasn't so irritated today.
    4. thirsty. and I only think margs will quench it. however, I've got too much to do at home, so water will have to suffice.

  4. 1. making the kids dinner
    2. currently eating a bow tie pasta dish
    3. I wish I had something fun to do tonight.
    4. I am stuffed up from going through all my dusty belongings I've had since childhood.

  5. 1. What were you doing before you visited my blog?

    Checking out my reader... but before that cleaning my room!

    2. What's the last thing you ate?

    Chocolate icing... there was some left over ;-)

    3. Finish it: "I wish......"

    I had more money.

    4. Finish it: "I am....."


  6. 1. Unloading the dishwasher
    2. Scooby Doo Shaped mac & cheese
    3. I wish I could stay home in bed tomorrow and just watch movies
    4. I am ready to crawl into bed and watch the movie Must Love Dogs.

  7. 1. Giving my kids a bath.
    2. Lasagna (frozen, not handmade, and therefore, not that tasty)
    3. I wish this week was over already.
    4. I am happy the kids are in bed.

    (p.s. to Wrestling Kitties - Scooby Doo mac and cheese is the BEST!)

  8. i was sending an email to a friend.

    i ate a mixture of random vegetarian southern food for dinner at a friend's house.

    i wish i would have won this week's biggest loser competition!! i was in 2nd place. dang.

    i am watching the biggest loser with friends and SO ready to go on vacation this week!

  9. 1. Eating a tortilla, egg & cheese taco w/clo
    2. well that
    3. Wish I would have gone to pilates...anytime in the last three months
    4. I am going to go tomorrow...I just know it.

  10. 1. Sending Athena into a tantrum.
    2. A peanut m&m. Yep, 1, so-ins I don't get no migraines!
    3. I wish we were wealthy so we could continue living like we are now (stay at home mom & laid off pipefitter) without the emptying bank account.
    4. I am fortunate to have the husband I do.

  11. 1. Reading my work emails, which are all annoying. People need me to like, "do stuff"
    2. Activia strawberry yogurt. embarrassing.
    3. I wish I could take a day off :(
    4. I am tired of winter gloom and rain.


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