Call me snobby.

2/15/2009 07:00:00 AM
I loathe it when you say something to someone and they respond with, "HUH?"

Kills me.


  1. I will tell Terry something and he sometimes says that. I won't say anything and just keep quiet because I have learned over the years when he says "HUH" he actually DID hear me and it just takes a minute to sink in. After about 10 seconds he answers the question and knew exactlly what I said to him. I actually think it is habit more then anything...maybe from being a kid and saying it when his parents ask him something. I don't give in to the "huh" in our house.

  2. sometimes I say that and immediately think "I just sounded like a moron." and wished I could take it back.

  3. I hate it even more when someone says "who?" in that case. At least HUH makes sense.

  4. I get so annoyed because that is Anna's response to EVERYTHING. Then recently I actually heard myself say "HUH?" to my dad and about "died!" Mickey


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