The best Ferg Friday yet.

2/27/2009 07:30:00 AM
Señorita Fergie Lupita was uber-cute this week. Starting off on Sunday's Beach Day.

That's her. Gazing at the huge horse-like dogs in the distance.

Here she is eating sand. Plenty of fiber.

I just think this one's cute.

She was cold at the office the other day. I wrapped her in my sweater.
And she smiled.

I woke her up from a nap to take her picture.
She was thrilled. (Lila has so much to look forward to.)

Then I put my sunglsses on her.

This one actually makes me LAUGH out loud. Repeatedly.

Then she just kept the sunglasses on.
I love Ferg.
She's so cool.


  1. It's gonna be so great when you show all of these pics at Ferg's high school graduation party. She's gonna be so embarrassed in front of all of her friends :)

  2. LOVE the pic of her in your's as though ferg has her own Snuggy! :)

    and mmmm...sand.... yummy. she can teach lila how to eat sand! :)

  3. I love that she kept your sunglasses on! Too cute!

  4. HAHA! These are great!

    The sweater pic is adorable and your glasses look fabulous on her.

  5. For sure the best Ferg Friday yet. I love all of them. But the sweater is great. And the sunglasses.

  6. it's weird that Ferg looks expressive. like she is posing on cue and then, in the one where you woke her up, she actually looks woken up.
    That Ferg!! i love these. can't wait to see her soon.

  7. Hahahaha... Soooo friggin cute!

  8. Happy Ferg Friday!

    The sweater and sunglasses are a great addition! i also enjoy the one where she's gazing at the others. So flippin cute!!!


  9. is ferg an havanese? because i met a dog at work today who looked a lot like ferg. and i fell in love with her.

    happy ferg friday.... indeed the best yet! :)

  10. Athena can give a shoulder to cry on as far as mother's with ridiculous photo habits are concerned.... plus Athena gets the bonus of a Yia Yia that is photo happy as well.


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