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2/17/2009 07:30:00 PM


We've already given you $13.4 billion.

Article here.


  1. Curious. Were you also against the amount the banks got? At least this is a "loan".

  2. Ok, this is my question, where has ALL that money gone? Have they accounted for every penny of the loan we gave them. I honestly don't know the answer to this.

    This effects where I work, so I am concerned....but they went through that money FAST and that just seems like a crazy amount of money each month. I am not saying that they MAY not need more help but I just want to know where the money is going and to know how long they will continue to need money. It just seems rather soon to be asking for more money while we are still passing out money to fix other problems.

  3. they were supposed to turn in a report yesterday...accounting for many things and outlining their future plans (hence the reason it was announced today that Hummer and Saturn may go the way of of the Dodo bird by 2011).

    i have to say though..i think the banks should be held just as accountable (if not more!) as the Big 3. they blew thru their money too and that wasn't a loan. it was just free money.

  4. I think that the major industries don't quite understand the term, "fiscal responsibility."

    My thoughts? Give ME the money. I'll divvy it out.

    Note: I wasn't against the initial $13 billion - I am against the extra $16 they're requesting.

    It's too much. If you can't make $13.4 billion work... how will $16 billion be any different?

  5. Ah, the red herring: "what about the banks?"


    Let the banks fail. Let GM and Chrysler fail. And by fail, I mean file for bankruptcy protection while you get your sh*t together, like any other business would be expected to do.

    It was only a "loan" two months ago when they hit the government up for billions of dollars. And it will only be a loan when they do it again in a couple more months. They remind me of my junkie cousin to whom my aunt keeps giving money, yet wonders why he can't break addiction.

    I am often mocked for being a Creationist, so I must ask, why isn't the concept of natural selection applied to bad business?

    We can't subsidize EVERY business that fails to compete in a free market. This "plan" that GM and Chrysler is presenting is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Get rid of the Hummer? How long have people been desiring fuel-efficient vehicles, not only for cost effectiveness, but to hop on the "go green" bandwagon? And GM is JUST deciding that maybe it's time to start phasing out the Hummer??? And, suddenly, the job bank for laid-off workers doesn't add up. I guess it's not profitable to pay people 97% of their wage WHEN THEY'RE NOT WORKING. And, suddenly, everyone from the CEOs to the assembly line workers are starting to realize that maybe it's time to work for a competetive wage.

    Wow! With those INGENIOUS plans that they just came up with, why, it'll be at least another two months before they're asking for another "loan"!

    I begrudgingly softened my cold, black heart two months ago and thought "let's give them a chance, people's jobs are at stake." Two months later, they're cutting 20% of their work force anyway and STILL asking for more money.

    I'm intimately familiar with the auto industry and its effect on the U.S. I have family and friends who work for the Big Three. My husband is a design engineer for Honda. He designs parts that get made in America by American suppliers, and are used to build "foreign" vehicles that are assembled entirely here in our town. The Hondas we have in our garage are more American than many GMs, Chryslers and Fords on the road. When will it be time to set union pride aside and admit that these American companies have a problem? And that it's time to quit enabling by throwing money at them? And my junkie cousin, for that matter.


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