Ah yes, welcome home.

2/23/2009 02:00:00 PM
My sister and Chloe wanted to make a welcome home cake for my 15-year-old nephew Max who goes to boarding school in SoCal. He's kind of in some trouble with his Mom so this trip home (his "winter break") he has some scheduled chores...

This cracks me up.

I love the irony here: We're happy you're home, so we made you a cake, but you WILL do all of these chores since you're in trouble, but again, welcome home.

I think when you say it with frosting it's easier to swallow. (Get it? Heh, heh.)


  1. Just as an FYI, any future bad news for me I would like to be delivered via cake. Pass the word on.

  2. If I made all of my to-do lists out of cake, and then ate the pieces as I "checked them off," I would be THE most productive person on Earth. Seriously, this is brilliant.


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