Why Amazon's great.

1/15/2009 10:00:00 AM
I just signed up for Amazon Prime. For $78 a year, I can order ANYTHING and get FREE 2-day shipping. I can upgrade to next day shipping for just $3.99 an item.

This is huge. I spend far more than $80 a year in shipping stuff. (Gifts, you name it.)

You can also share your memberships! The purchaser-o-the-Amazon-Prime-membership can share the program with four people. (They have to be in the same "household", however we're all sisters and brothers if you think about it, no?)

Anywho, if you're a frequent online shopper - think about it, it's only about $20 per person to be a member for a year. That pays for itself immediately.

Learn more here.

Go Amazon.


  1. I have an amazon credit card. I get free $25 gift certificates for every so much money I spend. So I just put everything I buy on that credit card and get free stuff on Amazon.

    Love it.

    (this deal on shipping is very cool..... hmmm....)

  2. The Olczak family has had a 'group' membership for almost a year now. It's amazing, BUT it almost makes it too easy to buy something. Especially since you can seriously buy anything you want from Amazon (seriously, in the past few months, I've bought a Kleen Kanteen water bottle, a pair of Clark heels (thanks, Lyns), Pantene shampoo, suduko books, a few bras...the list goes on and on). For sure I've spent more because of Prime then I save with it but the convenience is so worth it.

  3. all i can say is "amen, 'sister'"


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