Review: Breathe Right Strips.

1/29/2009 12:45:00 PM
Back when I was in Toledo in August I bought some generic, "Breathe Right Strips" because I read in some pregnancy book that they're helpful if you become congested when you're pregnant. (Since I can't down my normal quart of nyquil in my current state.)

Well, first - keep in mind these items come in sizes. I bought the wrong size. (It's for medium to large adult noses. I think I have a small-ish nose.)

So, last night when I was struggling to breathe and my throat was becoming raw from breathing out of it, I gave a strip a shot.

I was terrified because I'm normally allergic to the adhesive on EVERYTHING: bandaids, medical tape, etc. Meaning: I get a red rash upon removing said adhesive from my cuerpo. (Body).

1. It worked. It IMMEDIATELY opened up my nostrils. I'm not kidding you.
2. It's not flesh-toned, as advertised. I think they should work on that.
3. It's probably important to get the correct size.
4. The generic worked fine.
5. There are no medications in the strips. They're literally a bandaid with little plastic pieces that essentially pull your nose open.
6. Um. No rash.
7. I could feel it at first, but ended up falling asleep just fine. In the a.m., I didn't even feel it.

And yes. They ARE attractive.

So, give 'em a whirl. There's a boatload of different kinds. See here.


  1. I've always debated about using these. I wake up, no matter if it's winter or summer, with a stuffy nose every single morning. I've been thinking that maybe using these at night will help me wake up with the ability to smell. After your review, I might go get the generic kind!

  2. I highly recommend that real Breathe Right nasal strips. I know several people that have tried the generic and they don't work anywhere near as well as the real ones. I'm told it's because the real ones are patent protected. If you think the generic worked, you should see how well Breathe Right works! Give em a whirl!! I wear them EVERY NIGHT.

  3. I think I need to slap one of these suckers on my hubby. The boy gots himself some serious congestion and allergy problems. I think it would help BOTH of us get a good night sleep!


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